Before someone is accepted for treatment an IbogaQuest counselor will help you determine if iboga is appropriate for you and outline the precautions we will require. Generally, prior to arrival everyone is asked to obtain up-to-date EKG readings and liver panels and asked to bring hard copies of these to us so that our doctor can review them as part of the intake process. We only use the highest quality ibogaine and custom prepare each person’s doses. We have a qualified nurse present and continually monitor blood pressure and other vital signs. – We will ask you for any dietary needs, preferences and irregularities, which we will do our best to accommodate. We also require a complete and honest account of all medications, including over-the counter and prescription use. Over the course of the last decade, we have not had to admit anyone to the emergency room for reactions to ibogaine, but we never let our guard down. 100% transparency is your in best interest.

Prior to the administration of ibogaine, every guest undergoes a very thorough screening and assessment process, and a lot of attention is paid to preparation and post-treatment counselling. Our goal is to have every applicant here for addiction interruption leave us drug-free and without cravings or withdrawal symptoms, and with the skills and supports necessary to maintain that state long into the future.

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