Iboga Quest Testimonials

A Spiritual Mentor and Integrative Plant Medicine Guide, Zeerak Khan discusses her motivation to experience Iboga. How does it relate to her own spiritual path of meditation, focused self-inquiry, non-duality and direct experience? She shares how she benefits from Iboga with realizations regarding: past innocent misconceptions; the nature of self as wholeness and love; clarity of direct experience; seeing is freeing.
Zeerak Khan
Zeerak has referred patients to experience Iboga/Ibogaine for various conditions including: psycho spiritual, abuse issues, childhood trauma and substance addictions. Essentially, enhanced by Iboga, her patients experienced love of self; and love for others who had done wrong to them; and seeing our self-debilitating thoughts. Iboga is not an end point but the beginning of a trajectory for confronting the human condition with sanity.
Zeerak Khan
Combining mindful practice with Iboga, Iboga provides a “window” allowing one to find their “way”. It emphasizes the Importance of recognizing the present moment and that you are fundamentally okay. You know that the monster is simply energy in motion wanting to release itself. You gain spacious awareness recognizing consciousness, mindfulness, emotion and who you are when freed from insubstantial thoughts.
Zeerak Khan

Hola Barry, It’s good to hear from you! How are things going in Iboga Quest? Are you still at Werica? I truly hope that Veronica and you are well and happy. I’m very well! I started an undergraduate program in social work this fall and that keeps me very busy. I’m still very much interested in psychedelic therapy and had some enlightening experiences in the last year. I would like eventually to work with young women and found out that social work is a good fit for me. I do remember often my experience with Iboga. There is no doubt it has been a decisive step, and I feel that I’m intimately bound to the medicine even if I took it just one time. I’m curious to know what kind of journey I would have today… I know it will happen again, I just don’t know when. I don’t feel the urgency as I did the two years ago, I just know I will connect again with Iboga some day.

Please give a hug to Veronica.
Warmly, Maybel

Maybell (one year after treatment)
This policeman felt “un helpable”, and thought there were no options left to help him overcome his alcohol and opiate addiction. “I felt that I was so far gone, that there was no way back”. Whenever he felt clean, he couldn’t stop thinking about using the opiates. He researched different options for treating his addiction, but felt that getting on heavy medication and/or following other conventional methods for treating addiction wasn’t going to give him the help he was looking for. Through his Iboga treatment, this policeman was able to reflect back on his life and could observe how childhood trauma have affected him throughout his adult life, connecting the trauma to his addiction patterns.

A Policeman's Story - Healing addiction stemming from PTSD
I think I continue to get rid of the problems that had me drinking so much. So much so that I did a test last week to see… I went out for dinner with a friend and had a drink at dinner and then went out with him afterwards and had another drink… before I was even done that drink I told him that I was going to call it a night… I had no interest in staying out and continuing to drink. This isn’t to say that I am going to start drinking again… I just wanted to see if my assumption was correct that I had resolved many of the issues I had before… I think I did… Since then we’ve had a few parties in our house (Mexico… birthdays every day… including one right now!) and I have no interest in drinking… so I think I have mostly kicked it. Which is awesome!”
Jeff (a few months after treatment)

From the perspective of a spiritual seeker, Nathan came to Iboga seeking a deeper relationship with himself. Nathan feels that one gets a lot more out of the Iboga experience if one comes prepared, so he prepared with meditation and Ayurvedic therapy prior to his treatment. Nathan felt cared for by the people he received treatment from, but he also felt “cared for” by the Iboga medicine. He experienced spectacular visions during his journey, but wasn’t yet sure how they relate to his life. “There was this shockingly beautiful visual experience, which was deeply healing”.

Nathan A Spiritual Seeker
Being a former opiate addict, Rich had recently experienced an addiction to cocaine. Having detoxed from opiates in the past using Iboga, Rich was prepared to work on his addiction patterns, and gain further insight into his own life. Rich had a very fantastic recovery from his heroin and crack addiction a few years ago. Having been through detox programs more than 20 times, Rich feels like doing Iboga is like “hitting the reset button”, and is a much more gentle experience than other forms of detox. “Physically it was quite relaxing, I felt an integration between my mind and the plant medicine”. Rich was processing childhood memories through his treatment, many relating to shame. A few days after his treatment, he states that he does not feel any cravings for using cocaine at the current time.
Rich - Treating Cocaine Addiction
Chris have been doing meditation for a long time, and wanted to deepen his practice through an Iboga treatment. “If it helps addicts get over heroin, what does it do to a persons compulsive and dysfunctional aspects?” Chris feels that if he could get in touch with a point of his life where he somehow “lost himself”, it could be a very good thing. “I felt very cared for and nurtured through my treatment.” Chris felt that his experience was both extremely difficult, but at the same time extremely beneficial. “You can see in a very clear way, where you are sabotaging yourself. It is a way of going into your psyche to see where you are causing yourself pain, where you are resisting flows of emotions, and ignoring certain things about yourself. The experience was incredibly revelatory”. Chris felt that he walks away from the experience with a tremendous sense of peace and hope.
Chris - Iboga and Meditation
Don is a former alcohol addict, who have been involved with AA (alcoholics anonymous) for 27 years. Having done personal work for a long time, Don felt that his experience with Iboga was not as difficult as it would have been, if he had not done his “inner work” first. Through a friend who benefitted immensely, Don found Ibogaine and decided to engage in his own treatment. “Each day of my treatment new things emerge, things about myself, my feelings and my behaviours”. Don has done a lot of “psychological archaeology” as he puts it, and feels that his background with therapy could have been the reason why he experienced a “smooth journey” doing the Ibogaine.
Don - A former Alcohol Addict

Katherine finds Iboga to be a valuable tool to open her personal cages leading to freedom, compassion & forgiveness. It removes the veils masking a clear view of the world.
Hello Barry & Veronica,
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know about how I’m doing. it’s been about 4 months now and the answer is… I couldn’t be better, no interest in drinking at all, 4 months is nothing, I’m still amazed how effortless it’s been, wow!

That time of the day when it’s time to relax I keep working or do something else. I feel a lot calmer and focused, no more excessive sweating, Yay! Been also reading a lot more and eating healthier than ever in the past. My body is responding nicely. I’m going through a natural detox I would say.

I want to thank both of you for my rebirth, it was exactly what the doctor ordered and I hope someday to return just for a fun vacation.

I tell people all the time about my experience at IBOGA QUEST.

Keep up the good work helping people take back the power to control their lives, rather than being controlled, and you both do it very well.

Much Sincere love and gratitude,

When submerged in darkness we must self immolate. We must burn to the bottom of the wick, nervously paying witness as we brace to be extinguished, as we steel ourselves for what we believe must be final…yet as the wax retreats, rolling away in the wake of the flame, we are blessed with the revelation that we can continue to go deeper. That there is so much more beneath the surface….

This is where I am. Through my great fortune, the events of the last two weeks have reignited the quintessential inner flame of curiosity and, with the subtle hand of the lighthouse keeper, this flame can be focused into an piercing glow. Where this will take me I cannot say. What I can say is that my excitement is building into a fevered pitch. I have learned to shut my mouth and listen, to look, to observe, and ultimately to learn; yet the extent of my personal growth has become apparent only as I have familiar settings in which to make a contrast. When I arrived back in North Dakota I felt as if I had landed in an alien world. I am flabbergasted by how much of the world I have been completely oblivious to. The richness of the color, the character of each and every blade of grass and the edifices strewn across the landscape that, although I drive by them each and every day, I have somehow failed to notice….

In short, I want to thank everyone once more. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you during my next visit to Mexico.

With love and everlasting gratitude.J.C. of North Dakota

Hey Barry,
I hope you and Veronica are well! I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am doing very well. I am still clean and sober. No narcotics no booze and getting stronger every day. I have been working hard in recovery programs and Learning to live life on life’s terms. It hasn’t all been rainbows and puppy dogs but I can face the hard days without drugs and get through them with strength and hope. I want to keep in touch. I owe my freedom to your help and kindness. I am proof that miracles happen because of you guys. I haven’t had a single craving or thought if using since the day I set foot in your home. MIRACLE! I crawled out of a very dark world with your help. There are simply no words adequate to express my gratitude.A.S. of Maine
Hola Barry y Veronica,
It has been several months since my time in Mexico, and I just wanted to take some time to properly thank both of you. As many do in their professions I would imagine you take immense pride in knowing that you make a difference in people’s lives. So I must say that over the last several months as I’ve digested my experience both with Ibogaine and with Mexico I’m confident in saying that you’ve made an immense (positive) impact on my life.

I’ll admit when I was first planning the trip and figuring out the details and everything I never even considered that something other than the Ibogaine might touch me. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The tradition, culture, natural landscape, and the openness and genuine nature of the hearts of everyone I met there affected me very deeply. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know Barry, interaction in American culture can sometimes be very guarded and disingenuous. So the warmth, hospitality, and kindness shown to me during my stay both by yourselves and others was truly inspiring.

This is absolutely not to say that the ibogaine experience was disappointing or underwhelming in any way. I think that because going into the trip I was very much focused on the ibogaine and on the potentional experience and other such things that I didn’t give as much thought to everything else. Perhaps, in this way, the pleasant surprise of all these aforementioned aspects of my trip have stuck with me very strongly.

The ibogaine experience itself has, in the months since, spurred me to live a healthier, more purposed, and peaceful life. I am increasingly convinced that these have been my biggest takeaways. I’ve made it routine to exercise regularly and often, eat naturally and healthily, and push myself to learn new skills that will help me become a better artist both at work and at home.

I’m absolutely convinced that this wouldn’t have been nearly as beneficial an experience for me in the hands of any other provider. So I wanted to sincerely thank you for your loving hospitality, warm disposition, and overall fostering of a very relaxed and beautiful environment there in Mexico, for which I consider myself very fortunate for having been able to experience.

I’d love to hear how both of you are doing and how things going down there; I hope all is well.

Sincerely and genuinely,
P.B. of Wisconsin

Hola Veronica & Barry!
All is going wonderfully here. As far as the fibro* goes, I am noticing huge improvements. This time last year, I had to have the kids do all of the yard work. We live in the woods plus we have a lawn and flower gardens so there is a lot of maintenance. So far this year… I’m doing it all! Yay! I didn’t have the stamina, strength, or tolerance to do it. And by tolerance I mean, pain tolerance. Any amount of work would have me laying around for days after if not weeks but this year I am handling it much better.

Last thursday I did some very heavy duty yard clean up, mowing, weed wacking, planting, leaf cleaning. I was out there for hours. It felt WONDERFUL! I paid for it Friday. I had no motivation or energy to do anything and I took at least 3 naps but it was still a big improvement over where I was last year at this time. I attribute that to Iboga. I am also completely nausea free! Haven’t had a day of nausea since hours into ingesting Iboga.

Some things that haven’t improved (with this round of Iboga) are my eye headaches. I have them less but I’m also a lot less interested in being on the internet like I used to be. My interests have changed since being in Mexico. I also still have the lower back pain which isn’t necessarily fibro but the fibro has made it worse. But again, it’s not nearly as bad as it was and I can get rid of it much easier when it is acting up.

It was really important to me to have my cognitive issues improve with the Iboga. They have a way of making me feel inadequate if I let the nasty voice in my head speak for me. And unfortunately, none of the cognitive issues have improved at all. What has changed is my attitude toward them. I was not accepting of the changes in memory, loss of ability to learn new information, loss of information learned from all of my schooling, etc. My attitude is now one of acceptance. I’m working on embracing the new Christine instead of trying to get back to the person I was prior to my auto accident. It’s kind of exciting. I feel like a blank slate ready to be filled with a new and improved me. In some serendipitous way, I feel like the accident has cleared the way for me to be the Christine I always felt I was but lost track of over the years minus the higher intelligence. I struggle with the loss of feeling/being smart. I realize that is 1 way, I have a lot more healing and work to do. I’m hopeful that the next time I can do Iboga, that it will have a chance to work on those cognitive issues.

I feel that it’s possible that I had so much going on that it worked on the most important stuff first.

Anyway, I hear you two have been busy with guests. And you must be in your rainy season now. Both are good to hear. Hope life is being very kind to you. You both deserve all good things. I know I’ve said this before but I think it is worth repeating, you have profoundly touched my heart and I cherish you two for that.

I will be spending more time at Werika healing, helping, and grounding myself. It looks like I will be there mid-June. I don’t expect anything from your busy schedules but life would be kind if it allowed us a small visit.

My apologies for this email being so long. It turned out I had more to share than I realized. Next time I guess I won’t wait so long to keep in touch.

Much love,
CK *Fibromyalgia

Barry and Veronica,
How do you thank someone for helping you see again? I am not going to try. I was at a turning point. Sixty years old and strung out again? How can this keep happening? The Opiates had crept back into my life and I had been on an Opiate substitute for 4 years. This particular drug left me comfortable but numb. I couldn’t “feel my life”, I was alive but not living. I tried to find a way out. I traveled to Europe. I went to Uganda with a group of photographers and spend time with Aids orphans. I wanted to be of service to someone else, maybe that would change how I felt, but you can’t transmit something you do not have. I returned from Africa and the grayness of my life returned. I knew I had to get free of all the drugs that were keeping me in the darkness. I knew I had to do something, or I was not going to last much longer. Then I found Barry and Veronica, interesting how these things happen. I am so grateful that I did.

The ibogaine treatment was, well amazing. I did suffer with withdrawal, but the medicine finally come to my rescue. Anyone who has had the experience will know, it is not easy to describe in words the ibogaine experience. I am now close to three weeks since my treatment under the watchful eyes of Barry and Veronica. They were with me through it all. Rarely have I seen such dedication in two individuals. After the Ibogaine, I now can see that Life itself is such a gift. I know that every living thing, including myself, is a part of something much bigger. That life itself is full of wonder, mystery, and joy. This is better than being “high”. This is being awake, and it feels amazing. Hasta Luego.
S.M., Texas

After talking to you Barry, even though our conversation was short, I feel different and more positive about my situation and solutions.

Perhaps I was slightly naive to think that my addiction would not be in the background doing push ups while I enjoy sobriety. Opiates have reared their ugly face in my life again, but unlike the past I do not feel powerless or hopeless. I feel that another treatment of Ibogaine will be extremely beneficial and also my understanding of the effects not only immediately after treatment but in the months that follow.

I talked about aftercare during my previous visit but upon returning back to the states and society I became so engulfed in getting my business going, repairing broken relationships, and living again in general that I never got to it. I see now how important and beneficial it will be for me to get engaged in a form of psychotherapy during the wonderful window of opportunity that Ibogaine provides weeks after treatment. Also my cessation of Benzos which I have almost completed may or may not have contributed to my current situation and feeling.

I have less anxieties in general because of improved relationships and resolutions to conflicts such as S…, and the fact that my business is off the ground and growing is relief. Even though there is much left to accomplish, the fact that I have cashflow and am growing which is more than I could say 90 days ago. Life is 180 degrees better than it was before, and I would do anything to keep it that way.

The disappointment of not being perfect and stumbling a little bit I take really hard. I must be realistic with myself as an addict and a human being that I am subject to mistakes, but at the same time keep my optimism, willingness to fight for this, and positive attitude towards all manners of things. I admit I cannot do it alone and find it hard to express my gratitude for the help and wisdom that you Vero, and Max provide. That being said I know that ultimately success depends on me helping myself. So as you said, “lets just do it”.J.S. Kenton, Ohio

Hola Barry!
Painting by B.R.The experience was so strong, so deep, so terrible and so good to me, that I barely talk about it to anyone… I feel I am born again… and that I have to work everyday to stay as close as I can to the state the Iboga took me in… If not I will again loose myself and even without knowing it… like the way I was before this ultimate Iboga session…

Taught me to be centered, to stop thinking… to feel my heart, and all this essential things from which I was so far… so so far… I was so pretentious… And anywhere I am: to not judge anything, never, and to listen to my breathing… that’s a fulltime job for me now.

I felt so so good after the session… I felt so good in my body, all my skin were hydrated, so much peace, so much clarity. Everything felt great, to find again my wife, for which i felt SO MUCH love during and after the session, and for my son too… I thanked him so much to have come into my life, to have choosen us… and the next night I had the best sleep of my life…

I am impatient to get back to our house (we are in Mexico City right now) to start to work again… but instead of trying to make the most beautiful picture I can (oil painting) and only when I feel to do it (once a month). I will try to paint almost every day, to make what I know to do, and to sell the work…I will feel more balanced doing this… I need a job; I need to do more simple things, to remember where I come from: earth, clay… I’m a little man. I’m a man.

Follow-up correspondence:
By the way… my way to paint indeed changed after the session… I paint much more than before… almost everyday, and the result is very nice…! i printed my digital art, and will prospect very soon to know where to sell it… I don’t read the same books, I don’t think the same way, my life is more centered to my own little heart, and there is a very wide range of meanings to that… I am more here, and I do with what is here, I stopped to wait something in the future that will bring me more happiness or a more valuable life (which was part of the pretentious part of me…).

B.R., Veracruz, Mexico
Como estas Amigo,

I made it back safely and I’m feeling better than ever thanks to you and Ibogaine! I really appreciate how warm and welcoming you were and I felt right at home the whole time. It was also nice sharing thoughts and ideas with someone so open and non-judgmental.

I look forward to visiting you again in the future, but next time I’ll be bringing my wife with me also as she is very interested after seeing what Ibogaine has done for me. By the way, last night I slept great and had all kinds of dreams, for the first time in ages.

Thanks again, my friend, for helping me take that next BIG step in life. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

Follow-up correspondence: Yes, I have received exactly what I needed from the Ibogaine and I still have no urges to go back to my former ways. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted from me.
E.P., Los Angelos, CA

I heard of Iboga on the internet and the more I learned about it the more I wanted to try it. I’m not addicted to any drugs and as I made several phone calls to various clinics I discovered that many would not take you unless you were. Plus the price they were charging was between five and seven thousand dollars. More than I was willing to pay. I got lucky though and found out about Iboga Quest where they want people that are looking to do it for psycho-spiritual purposes. Plus their price was very reasonable. So after talking to them and getting all the necessary information I needed; I was on my way to a journey of a lifetime.

Once I met Barry and Veronica I knew instantly that I had made the right choice in picking them to guide me along the Iboga journey. They are very knowledgeable and sincere in what they do. Their space is very beautiful and is located in a prime spot in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

I have done other psychedelics before, all of which has provided me answers to my deep life questions. Yet I still felt like something was missing in my understanding of this life. I prepared myself mentally for three months prior to doing Iboga. Writing everything that I wanted to get from the Iboga experience. As I laid in bed at Iboga Quest with one Iboga pill in me I went through that list again in my head. Once I took all five Iboga pills the lessons began and I no longer had to think of all the things that I wanted to know. Iboga gave me the answers to my thirty plus questions, while showing me my whole life. The purging was intense yet I knew it was detoxifying me; making me healthy again.

The next day I still felt a little weak but my mind was rewired; I was at peace with myself. I noticed the change within me and could not wait to go home and tryout my new self. Yet I still had three more days at Iboga Quest before leaving. Which proved to be a good time to try their suggestion of seeing this one woman that does EFT (emotional freedom technique) and another lady that does massages to bring the spirit back into the body; completing the healing process. After doing both I agreed that it was well worth it and could not believe how well I felt.

Overall Iboga has rebooted my hard drive; updating my soul to a higher frequency. Now I’m compatible with the times, able to handle the overwhelming amount of information that is thrown at me. I’m ready to get this life on.

Thank you Barry and Veronica for all that you have done.Stewart Mosher, U.S Author of Entheogenic Visions: A True Story of One Man's Exploration of Psychedelics

Inspired from Iboga Quest experience Jan. 2017

I have a DREAM

Once, when I was very young
I had a dream
To be a doctor like my Dad
Yet that dream got buried,
Almost extinguished
Before I was barely four
Never to see the light of day,
Or so I thought.

But resurface it did,
It was probably inevitable.
Now, I am glad it did.
Because, now I HAVE a dream
A more expansive, broader dream
Not limited to one discipline or profession
Rather much more encompassing
And likely more fulfilling.

A dream of fully knowing who I am
Realizing and living my full potential
Embracing who I truly am
Free from the conditioning and moulding
Of what society believes I should be
Expressing my passion for health and well-being
Breaking free from what Watts describes
As the taboo against knowing who we are.

A dream that brings deep inner joy and satisfaction
The trials and tribulations of Life will all be there
The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows.
Life will continue its cycle of one season moving to another
Its cycle of Life and Death
What changes is my perspective
The ability to pull back
And see the greater forces of Life at play
See that I am but one small picture in a much larger
Playground of Life.

Living one dream
One of many.
Bringing forth my unique contribution to the whole.
My gifts, my passion, my dreams
Just as others bring theirs.
Accepting my dream
Accepting that of others
Seeing all as valid as my own
Empowering myself
And empowering others.

To live Life as fully and completely
As I can each day.
Being “in service to Life”
Not as my small self
But as an expanded self.
Believing that anything humanly possible –
Is indeed possible.Ruth Webster