Iboga Quest Founders

Barry Rossinoff moved to Tepoztlán, Mexico from Vermont in 2005. He encountered the teachings of Chogam Trungpa, Rinpoche, in 1975 and has been a student of Buddhism ever since. He sees Buddhism as a model for understanding and engaging in the human condition more than as a religion. Among the fundamental Buddhist teachings that Barry applies in his life are: “be authentic” and “take a chance”.

His Buddhist interests have evolved to what is called Radical Dzogchen, as taught by Keith Dowman. Essentially this is about “direct experience” … “taking refuge in original mind”. Barry combines these principles with the shamanic traditions, which are accessible and alive in Mexico.

Barry first became introduced to Ibogaine in the 60’s, when many people were experimenting with substance-induced experiences. It wasn’t until he was living in Mexico that opportunities for ceremonial plant-medicine experiences became available and indeed part of the local culture.

In Mexico, Barry has met curanderos and brujas and was introduced to the remarkable, ever-so-soft energy of the shaman. He realized that the shaman and the medicine plants, too, are asking us to “shut up and experience directly”. To Barry the shamanic and Dzogchen worldviews seem inseparable, and Ibogaine is integral to this understanding. Ibogaine affected him deeply and he feels that it is a great gift to be able to share his experience with others.