Iboga/Ibogaine for spiritual growth

How we view spirituality?

We are defining “spiritual” as that which encourages us to be fully present amidst the tides of change, the challenges of our history and endless turmoil that marks the human condition. Spirituality, while intensely personal, challenges each of us to experience reality as it is beyond the filter of a cocoon constructed of discursive, conceptual thinking patterns.

It is likely that most, if not all of us, have had direct spiritual experiences at some time in our lives. Such encounters are usually fleeting but recognizable by a sense of meaningful comfort and a deep appreciation for life. Once we taste this possibility as personal experience we often struggle to bring it back as the focus of our attention. A part of us will always long to regain a space of non-separation or non-duality.

It seems the means by which such experiences arise is as very diverse and while our awakened qualities are our natural inheritance, we have to find them within ourselves. So, we encourage spiritual growth as the cultivation of the compassionate regard for all elements of existence that inevitably draws out the dignity, wisdom, sanity and beauty of each individual.

It has been the experience of many (not all) that certain molecules and alkaloids, chemically and organically derived, have the potential to influence or induce this elevated level of presence and, under the right conditions, alter perception in a positive direction. Spiritual results from these encounters may be something ongoing, although more often fleeting. In any case, abundant evidence suggests that experiences influenced by power plants and meditative practices through the ages have influenced the evolution of consciousness (see T. McKenna and others). We at Iboga Quest appreciate this phenomena and factor it into our work. Indeed, to a considerable degree, it is what has drawn us to the sharing of the spirit of Iboga.

We hold all these sacred, powerful plant medicines in the highest regard. We trust that Iboga can assume the role of a grounded teacher, skillfully illuminating one’s fundamental personal essence by providing a prolonged ‘awakened dream’ state. With Iboga we are exposed not to what we may think we want, but to what we need to see in order to heal emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

It is, therefore, our intention to provide the right set and setting (contemplative, respectful, spaciousness and awe) for our guests to experience a clarity, an opening, a letting go of unnecessary efforts while arousing the bravery to be vulnerable, for to be vulnerable in this sense, is to be liberated.

We wish that everyone doing Iboga could encounter the spirit in this way from the start, but that is not the case. Everyone experiences it differently, with the overwhelming majority understanding their experience within hours or days of ingestion. Occasionally some are left wondering “What the hell just happened?”. However, it is rarely the case that, over time, no meaningful shift has recognizably occurred.

In summary, whether you are dealing with an addiction, an habitual pattern, a mood disorder or personal quest, we hope to guide you to the basis of the core issue for it is there that Iboga Quest finds its strength and essential value. At Iboga Quest you will be offered contact with various traditions (to the degree you choose) including the deep traditional pre-Columbian approaches to recognizing and integrating the fragmentation of the spirit. What is presented is authentic and not a New Age contrivance. In other words, “This is the real deal. We take your journey seriously. Those who find their way to this setting are most fortunate.”

Meditation and Iboga

Meditation can mean different things to different people. In the context of Iboga therapy, meditation refers to a state of mindful awareness where the habitual thinking mind basically evaporates to reveal a ground of innate clarity and wakefulness. Iboga has been known to expose and amplify this state. However, we appreciate that training in various practices can be an essential support in building familiarity with the meditative state, both before and after treatment. Since such techniques can play such a powerful role in helping integrate the benefits of Iboga into one’s life going forward, we have ensured that the Iboga Quest staff includes experienced meditators who can offer qualified guidance upon request.

Notice everything! Reality’s only disguise is the form it takes in this present moment. – Listening Mind

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