The first step is to fill out an application. The application should take you approx 15-20 minutes. Please be thoughtful and as thorough as possible as the answers will help us get to know you, your medical history, and how best to facilitate your experience.

Ibogaine for Addiction Interruption

While we can appreciate the enormous burden and stress addiction places on the family, we will ask that the person who will be receiving treatment apply directly. We are willing to assist with information when it may be helpful.

Ibogaine for Spiritual Development

The ibogaine experience lasts in the mind/body/nervous structure long after the actual experience. It keeps working after you have left our facility. In many cases, what you experience, will stay with you and give you the courage and momentum to change habits and behaviors. But in the end if you do not change factors such as environment or relationships, you will be faced with the same challenges as before. However, in some cases, even if nothing changes, you will be better equipped to handle those situations that previously were challenging due to having gained a new perspective.

Please contact us to ask about the various aftercare options we provide or recommend.

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