The plague of Fentanyl is upon us. You will find it in most every illicit substance sold on the street. You are more than likely to find it in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines and even sometimes, cannabis. This is true !! Just look at the increased number of overdose moralities. And one never knows, with anything near precision, just how much fentanyl they are ingesting or injecting.

By itself fentanyl has a short half life but, unfortunately, it is almost never ‘by itself’. Because it is measured in micro grams, it comes with bonding agents … the material that holds it together with whatever substance it laces. This makes it increasingly difficult to eliminate from the body and will negatively influence any detox therapy, including Ibogaine.

Fortunately IbogaQuest, through experience and serious investigation, has developed a protocol that can effectively address this dire issue.

If fentanyl is a matter of interest and concern to you, you would be well advised to submit the IbogaQuest application and engage in a conversation with one of the IbogaQuest team members.

Waiting may be too late.