Ibogaine for depression
and mood disorders

Living with depression and anxiety

Many of us are challenged by negative emotional patterns and tendencies that can seriously affect our happiness, relationships, physical health, and overall well-being. Something just doesn’t feel right; we may be getting by, but feel troubled by an underlying sense of unease under the surface. Sometimes this sense of unease is not so subtle. Maybe we have sought therapy, been prescribed pharmaceutical medications, or done other work on ourselves, but they haven’t alleviated the suffering.

At IbogaQuest, we have seen effective ibogaine treatment kick-start dramatic changes and lead to rewarding and positive developments in thought, behavior, and mental health.


When western medicine is not

Depression, anxiety, and trauma will likely touch the lives of us all at some point. And given recent global events, there are more uncertainties and stressors than ever. When negative states take hold the psychological burden can be too much to bear.

Society’s medical / psychiatric establishment is not always able to help us through our challenges. Doctors find themselves in the rut of quick diagnoses and prescribing expensive, often mildly effective medications because they are limited to the tools approved by the medical establishment. Some people gain relief from pharmaceuticals, but many do not.

We have witnessed countless times the profound healing abilities of ibogaine treatment for depression and anxiety

At IbogaQuest, we have seen effective ibogaine treatment kick-start dramatic changes and lead to rewarding and positive developments in thought, behavior, overall mental health as well as physical healing. And often people seeking relief from depression and anxiety who search for iboga depression, come, experience profound changes, and leave feeling they have achieved something more profound than they expected.

Ibogaine most often replaces the need for psychiatric medications through the reset process. However, it is essential that, with psychoactive medications, one needs to taper off with physician supervision to get them out of the system for 5 days prior to ingesting Ibogaine. It is often the case that you will not want to resume the pharmaceuticals after Ibogaine.

While we cannot guarantee results or make promises regarding specific symptoms or diagnoses, we have seen profound changes in people searching ibogaine depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic, phobias, emotional dysregulation, childhood traumas and a variety of other disorders.

We would be honored to be your guides for a potentially life changing experience, that may offer the relief you have been looking for.


Looking to the natural
world to restore balance
and harmony within

At IbogaQuest, we see the value of ibogaine and other sacred plants as the product of natural evolution. A plant medicine that has served humankind for centuries to heal our relationship with the natural world cannot be compared to anything that’s manufactured in a laboratory.

The difference here is that we regard sacred plants as teachers and can humbly acknowledge that not all of us learn in the same way. Although we may share the same psychological diagnosis as someone else, we cannot overlook the uniqueness of our physical, spiritual, cultural, and trauma histories. The shared common ground is the need for a ‘reset’ – the conclusion that we are fundamentally out-of-balance with our environment and the world around us. However, finding that balance involves a subjective journey that is distinctly our own.

If you are called to ibogaine therapy as a means to overcome your anxiety and depression, take the first step. Fill out an application with us online so that we know how best to serve you along your journey. We look forward to hearing from you. ❤