Ibogaine for the interruption of addictions

Ibogaine opens a window of opportunity to experience sobriety and for fundamental change

When used in a safe space under the right guidance, no known medicine or therapy rivals the effectiveness of ibogaine for the interruption of addictions. More and more individuals who struggle with opiates, cocaine, kratom, amphetamines, or other substances are finding sustained relief with minimal withdrawal symptoms through careful treatment with ibogaine.

Staff at Iboga Quest Mexico Treatment Center

Plant medicines, specifically ibogaine, offer something that is sadly lacking in most treatment protocols- a combination of effects that actually reset brain reactions while encouraging deep introspection and non-judgmental self-awareness.


The mystery of addiction

The neurochemistry of addiction is not completely understood. But one thing is becoming clear- more often than not addictive tendencies have roots in early interactions and childhood traumas.

When forced to cope with adversities as children, we tend to scramble to deal with overwhelming pain, stress, loss, and other emotions. Often, the result is maladaptive patterns that cast long shadows and have lasting effects. As we mature, these can affect actual brain developments that factor into addictive tendencies.

Our Intention is to Serve
Our Intention is to Serve

The journey to recovery

Fortunately, our brains have the plasticity to change and addictive patterns can be altered as our lives unfold. Recovery is not an easy task, as habitual patterns are often deeply integrated into our lifestyles. Simply ‘deciding’ one has to change is only the beginning.

Then comes the heroic work of deep, systemic change which may seem daunting at first, but with the right support is possible. Setbacks and relapses can be seen with a compassionate lens free of judgement.

Unfortunately, many who seek help, may not be able to get the help they need. Or have tried many recovery modalities to be met with mixed results. We’re here to say, there is hope.

Our Intention is to Serve

We have seen profound changes in people seeking relief from a variety of addictions.

We would be honored to be your guides for a potentially life changing experience, that may offer the relief you have been looking for.


Ibogaine as a tool for recovery that resets brain chemistry

Our Intention is to Serve

Regain your health, sanity, and future well-being

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