Legal psychedelic transformation

Change your perspective & discover your true potential

Ibogaine treatment in Tepoztlán, Mexico offers many opportunities not available elsewhere.

  • IbogaQuest is a legal and medically supervised organization located in Tepoztlán, Mexico. We are pioneering a holistic approach to optimum wellness, spiritual development and addiction interruption through the power of ibogaine.
  • Mexico’s natural beauty, cultural warmth, great food, and hospitality are legendary.
  • Tepoztlán is officially recognized as a “Pueblo Magico”, (one of Mexico’s magical towns) due to the mystical and enchanting natural energy that has marked its history.
  • Mexico City Airport is accessible from almost anywhere, making the trip to IbogaQuest convenient, safe, and easy. Our bilingual driver will meet your plane on arrival and deliver you back in time to make your return flight at no additional cost.
Staff at Iboga Quest Mexico Treatment Center

Fall in Love

Should you fall in love with this wonderful environment, as so many have done, IbogaQuest will be happy to help arrange for an extended stay. This part of Mexico offers an abundance of archaeology and magnificent terrain to explore, featuring small villages with markets, traditional fiestas and folk-lore, and a host of culinary options to taste. Our warm weather is very agreeable 365 days a year and it will be our pleasure to help you plan activities once you are here.


An inviting, safe space for your growth and transformation

We here at IbogaQuest recognize the importance of set and setting for your Ibogaine experience and have put a lot of time and attention into creating an inviting, comfortable and safe space.

We feel very fortunate to be located just outside a vibrant town, surrounded by volcanic mountains, with a sizable population of artists, musicians, and healers from all over the world that call Tepoztlán home.

Our guests often comment on the atmosphere and sacredness of our facility. They remark on how welcoming it is as well as naturally conducive to nurturing, transformation and growth.

Our Intention is to Serve
Our Intention is to Serve


It’s true that parts of the world can be dangerous and people have concerns about travel in Mexico. And while no one can guarantee complete safety anywhere, Tepoztlán is a town with continuous pedestrian traffic, where people greet one another as they pass by. Fear in the streets, even after dark, is rarely justified.

Our Intention is to Serve