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As one of the most reputable ibogaine treatment centers we are very sensitive to safety, setting, proper screening, client comfort, and after-care. IbogaQuest offers the highest quality ibogaine, obtained from a very reputable source, assayed and certified > 98% pure. Dosing is carefully determined according to each individual’s needs. Our experienced team includes qualified therapists, body-workers, addiction specialists, and medical supports, but we consider the primary therapist to be the spirit medicine of ibogaine itself.

IbogaQuest is medically equipped with monitoring, hydration and emergency support equipment.


Is ibogaine right for you?

Below is a list of issues we are most commonly asked to address. If what you are dealing with is not covered here, don’t despair. We may be able to help, but reserve the right to turn people away. It is our policy to never encourage anyone to proceed with an ibogaine session if it is not a well-considered and appropriate option. We require a telephone interview before accepting anyone.

We specialize in assisting with:

Psycho-spiritual growth and reconnection

Those seeking to overcome blockages, resolve inner conflicts, dispel confusion, or simply reset their spiritual compass are invited to our 5 day sessions, which include a flood dose and possible additional booster. As with all our guests, we will want to review any health issues and require a recent electrocardiogram (ECG) to ensure heart safety. For more details, please submit the online application form.

Psychological and Social Issues

Mood Disorders/ Anxiety

Only those actually suffering from inner conflicts, mood upheavals, depression, or persistent anxiety truly know how frustrating and utterly devastating the impact of these disorders can be. Many people have successfully sought relief from a wide variety of such psychological ailments by way of plant medicines. At IbogaQuest, we frequently see monumental shifts in perspective after 5 day sessions. And, the heroic people we treat often attribute their transformations, in part, to the care and compassionate attention they receive from our team.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Sadly, ibogaine has clearly not been studied enough in academic or research settings. However, one area where it seems to be attracting a lot of interest is in the treatment of PTSD. In one recent study, a group of special operations veterans who had been exposed to multiple severe traumatic events were offered ibogaine treatments and the results were very optimistic. All those who completed the study showed marked improvement. Obviously, one does not have to have gone to war to be burdened with the lasting effects of trauma. And now, with the possibilities inherent in an ibogaine experience, one may not have to shoulder such burdens any longer no matter their source. Let us help you. Reach out to us and we will be there.

Addiction interruption

Ibogaine is an extremely effective tool for those seeking to interrupt or fully recover from most addictions. Below is a list of the substances we are frequently asked to help with. If you are seeking support with a substance or habitual tendency that is not on this list, we may still be able to help. Simply reach out to us and we will gladly share what we can.


Heroin, morphine, opium and derivatives

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, who are actively using opiates right now, ibogaine may offer you the kind of hope and relief that you have been unable to find elsewhere. We have treated hundreds of opiate users with great success. However, we require an extended stay of up to 13 days or firm arrangements for quality after-care to optimize the benefits of this unique plant medicine. We will require a review of your medical condition and are painfully aware that fentanyl has become a factor in most street drug addictions. We have, therefore, developed a protocol to ensure safe withdrawal and alleviation of cravings. Please contact us for more information.

As mentioned above, fentanyl has complicated the process of withdrawal and recovery. These days, almost all narcotics and street drugs contain some fentanyl, which has led to a sharp rise in accidental overdoses. One needs to be as clear as possible of fentanyl prior to administration of an ibogaine flood dose to avoid complications. We have adapted our protocols to meet the challenges posed by such developments and are confident we can help you safely. Please contact us for more information.

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Suboxone and Methadone
Despite the best of intentions, these two commonly prescribed MAT (Medical Assisted Therapy) medications often create a more stubborn challenge to the addict than the condition they are meant to relieve. Again, we have safe and effective protocols for our ibogaine treatments designed to minimize the struggle and painful aspects of withdrawal. Each case is slightly unique, however, so let’s talk.

In their efforts to overcome an opiate addiction, more and more people are turning to Kratom. Unfortunately, this is a substance that is addictive itself and simply weaning oneself from its clutches has proven to be a real challenge. Once Kratom use becomes unwieldy, the options for getting clean are few and discouraging. We have seen remarkable results with ibogaine in such cases and we strongly encourage you explore this plant medicine treatment with us.


One of the more common stimulant addictions we are asked to help with is methamphetamine. Because of the toxicity and stubborn nature of this potent drug, we have to be careful in making sure that you are safe and have adequate support following your treatment, but YES, we can and do have success in meeting the challenges, both emotional and physical, associated with getting this ‘monkey off your back’. We will need some tests and ask that you plan to stay for 13 days. Call and we can discuss the particulars.

Cocaine/ Crack
As with other stimulants, cocaine addiction appears to respond very well to ibogaine treatment when coupled with proper preparation and after-care. We have helped many former cocaine users to get and stay clean over time. Please apply and someone will contact you with more details.

Prescription Stimulants
The use of prescription medications such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta (among others) can easily develop into stubborn dependencies. Ibogaine generally interrupts the feeling of craving and irritability associated with habitual abuse of these stimulants and offers the gift of freedom that comes from setting them aside. Again, your recovery begins by making contact, so we can discuss how to address your situation most effectively.

IbogaQuest is proud to announce that in-patient detox for those seeking help with alcohol use disorders can be arranged locally as part of an inclusive ibogaine protocol. In those cases where drinking has been chronic and treatment-resistant, we have seen ibogaine be an effective tool for recovery. However, not all drinkers are able to benefit equally, and the path is not always smooth. We find that effective after-care planning and follow-through need to be particularly emphasized in the case of this crippling disorder. However, if we work together, freedom can be achieved. We want to be in your corner and optimize the prospects of your recovery. So, call or email us for an interview.

Eating disorders and food addictions
We recognize that eating disorders and certain other unhealthy coping mechanisms can be deadly. And we also recognize that these afflictions are often treatment-resistant due to their deep roots in early childhood or unconscious trauma. Because of its uniquely therapeutic nature, ibogaine can shed light where, up to now, there has only been darkness. Our therapeutic staff are ready to discuss how ibogaine can benefit and what you may need to do prior to treatment.

Medical support

We work under the supervision of an experienced local doctor. Flood sessions are monitored around the clock by our registered nurse and our dedicated support team. IbogaQuest is medically equipped with monitoring, hydration and emergency support equipment.

We have seen profound changes in people after an ibogaine experience.

We would be honored to be your guides for a potentially life changing experience.


How ibogaine therapy
sessions work

Generally, we serve no more than 4 people at a time. Each participant is invited to share in a confidential informative dialogue with the treatment team where information is shared, questions are asked, and goals are clarified. Typically, each session begins with a Temezcal (traditional sweat lodge) and a short, formal opening ceremony, after which the medicine is administered. Each participant is invited to settle into their individual room (with private bath) and informed that staff are always immediately available, but that they will be left undisturbed except for vital signs monitoring etc. Sessions for psycho-spiritual and mood disorders usually last 6 days and include a flood dose and the possibility of a second ‘booster’ a few days later. The suggestion for addiction disorders and more complicated cases is to plan for a 10 day experience. This extended stay is designed to allow for the possibility of several administrations of medicine as well as to ensure full withdrawal and cessation of cravings. Due to the nature of ibogaine therapy and the remarkable changes one may go through, we strongly emphasize the need for adjustment and integrative after-care therapies for addiction recovery.

What to expect

While no two people are completely alike, an effective ibogaine treatment is, more often than not, an experience of meeting oneself at a very deep level. Ibogaine therapy can provide an introspective experience that can inform and rejuvenate the rest of one’s life in a healthy and insightful manner. By clearing away, at least temporarily, obstacles and habitual patterns often based in traumatic or otherwise adverse conditioning, ibogaine sessions have been likened unto “ten years of intensive therapy accomplished over five-day days.

For addicts, an appropriately administered and complete ibogaine treatment should include after-care and therapy. This combination offers the possibility of freedom and genuine new beginnings almost unimaginable to veterans of more conventional treatment protocols. It is not a drug that one takes casually, nor repeatedly, and does not leave the user dependent on replacement medications. Our treatments are designed to be ‘one-off’- although one may decide to return for an additional support session after an appropriate gap.

For more information regarding specific substances or circumstances that may benefit from an ibogaine session, please contact us directly.

If you are called to ibogaine treatment as a means to overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, or for spiritual insight, take the first step. Fill out an application with us online so that we know how best to serve you along your journey. We look forward to hearing from you. ❤

Aftercare by Inscape

Inscape Recovery is a six-week Ibogaine aftercare program for those who wish to continue and deepen their process of transformation in a structured and supportive setting. Inscape is run out of a charming eco-retreat center and permaculture farm, located just two hours from Tepoztlan in the mountains of Malinalco.

Participants can take advantage of the post-Ibogaine period of heightened sensitivity and “neuroplasticity” through the array of therapies that Inscape offers, which are designed to improve health, produce deep reflection and lock in new habits. Services include medical appointments with acupuncture, herbal supplementation, individual and group psychotherapy, traditional medicine ceremonies and classes geared toward mental and bodily health and awareness.