About Iboga Quest

Iboga Quest began actively offering Iboga ceremony/sessions outside our personal circle in 2009.

​Iboga Quest is not an enterprise or business, nor is it a clinic. We are a group who have come together individually (an un-intentional community) each with an intense interest in helping people heal and change by means of sacred plant and psychoactive medicines, in combination with ceremony and therapy. It might be fitting to call us a mandala …. each of us in our naturally fitting rolls, while working as a whole. It is clear that we are each as personally involved in this process of change as those entrusting themselves to our care. We recognize this as a great gift.



​ Iboga as a forceful, directed spirit. Iboga as a tool to help us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. This is not a place where you take your medicine and say “adios”. While you are with us and beyond we take an active interest. We are available. Iboga is not a cookie cutter therapy. Each individual uniquely manifests their own body, spirit and energy, all of which needs to be honored. And there-in lies the great gift of Iboga. We need to see our habitual patterns, be they of the self-sabotaging substance addiction, behavioral or the mental variety. Iboga Quest strives to help at this fundamental level.

Though we do, often times, use the pure Ibogaine alkaloid (HCL), we also, as appropriate, use the root bark itself and the TA (total alkaloid). But we never commit ourselves to which, or in what combination, or quantity, or over what period of time, until there is clearance and guidance from our doctor and we have met each person and assessed the test dose.



intention to serve

The intention is to facilitate a fresh outlook and modify addictive behavior patterns to overcome craving. Insidiously these patterns grab hold on both subtle and obvious levels … from resentments, poor abusive nurturing and depression, to the use of opiates, alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, prescription medication, as well as general spiritual longing.

Based on the experiences of Iboga Quest and others, these patterns can often be brought into awareness using Ibogaine. We are here to help you engage with the strong spirit of the Ibogaine and facilitate an experience of depth; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation. When coming for an Ibogaine session you receive full attention and care in a conducive environment and with close physical monitoring of your experience. Attentive care is provided before, during and after the treatment..

Iboga Quest is not motivated by ambition (other than being of service), providing sessions for no more than four people at a time, each in their private quarters.

Iboga Quest isn’t for everyone.

If you feel drawn to it you will Submit your Application and be open to our screening process. Iboga Quest will communicate with you and review your individual situation and medications to determine if there is a fit indicating both safety and effectiveness.



Quite deliberately we have cultivated a setting conducive as an Ibogaine contemplative retreat. To us this means prompting our guests and ourselves to understand that, this remarkable medicine has the capacity for opening a significant opportunity for deep personal change. It is a golden opportunity but it is not a magic bullet. Ultimately the work belongs to each of us.

​Before, during, but particularly after an Iboga session, we are conscious of an atmosphere promoting mindfulness and awareness Providing the protected space for the guest to process inner material, aloud or in silent contemplation, and to find attentive listening and therapy is the goal. It holds true that this approach assists greatly, whether you are here for addiction, emotional/energetic healing, mood disorders or personal insight.



Iboga Quest incorporates a ceremonial component (strongly recommended, though not required). This is not ceremony or ritual for their own sake but exercises stemming from our own traditional experiences. This includes experience rooted in Bwiti Gabon initiation; Lakota/Nahuatl Camino Rojo (Red path) Vision Quest and Sundance; Dzogchen and Buddhist practice and traditions; and experience with sacred plant medicine, psychedelics and psychotherapy. The point for all being to give up the past and opening to change. It can not be overemphasized that relinquishing our history is the warrior quality of walking into our future more with attentive curiosity than with fear. This, as a prelude to encountering the Iboga spirit, sets the stage for our fundamental freedom.


Iboga Quest is located in a high mountain valley an hour and a half from the Mexico City airport, where we meet most guests. It is an ancient pueblo, overlooked by a pyramid still central to the cultural life of the community. There is a thriving mountain spirit of protection. We are located on the ceremonial grounds of Centro Werika.

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