IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice

Ibogaine treatment Mexico can be a powerful tool for transformation. Our team of compassionate facilitators are dedicated to safely guiding you on your journey!

IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice

Ibogaine treatment Mexico can be a powerful tool for transformation. Our team of compassionate facilitators are dedicated to safely guiding you on your journey!

Ibogaine Center in Mexico

IbogaQuest Mission

Patterns of addiction and spiritual longing can be brought into awareness using bogaine. Our intention is to facilitate your journey towards a fresh outlook and to help you modify addictive behavior patterns. Our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico will help you engage with the strong spirit of the ibogaine and hold space for you to have a deep experience; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

Our Amazing Staff at IbogaQuest Mexico

Ibogaine for Addiction Interruption

There simply is no known medicine or therapy that can rival the effectiveness of ibogaine for addiction interruption.

Whether you struggle with opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, or other substance dependencies, nothing compares to ibogaine for sustained relief with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Read More »

Ibogaine for Depression & Mood Disorders

Our brains have the plasticity to change, and patterns of thought can be altered as we proceed throughout our lives.

Ibogaine gives the brain a “reset” that can kick start a dramatic change that can lead to lasting change. Read More »

Ibogaine for Spiritual Growth

The spiritual longing strikes us at certain times in our lives for many reasons. The impulse to want to know who and what we truly are and move beyond suffering lies within us all.

Our facilitators have traveled the path and are the perfect guides to point you in the right direction, harnessing ibogaine as a potent tool. Read More »

The Miracle of Iboga

Iboga is the whole and complete root bark from which Ibogaine is extracted. Ibogaine is a tool to help us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. Ibogaine is not a cookie cutter therapy. Each individual uniquely manifests their own body, spirit and energy, all of which needs to be honored. And therein lies the great gift of ibogaine. We need to see our habitual patterns, be they of the self-sabotaging substance addiction, behavioral or the mental variety. IbogaQuest strives to help at this fundamental level.

The IbogaQuest Difference

We take your safety and care very seriously. With 13 plus years of experience, our treatment center for iboga Mexico knows the subtle nuances that lead to breakthrough transformations. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

  • 13+ years of continuous service
  • In-depth screening for ultimate safety & effectiveness
  • We are a group of 5 dedicated experienced guides including 2 on-site certified therapists with plant medicine experience
  • Highly regarded mindfulness/meditation guidance
  • Pre-treatment personal counseling sessions via phone or video
  • Always the highest quality 99% pure Ibogaine
  • Sessions of 6 days for psycho-spiritual guests
  • Our experienced doctor, nurse and paramedic oversee all sessions
  • Deep, natural, and secure rural setting only 1.5 hours from the Mexico City airport
  • Guests arriving at the airport are met and transported directly to IbogaQuest
  • Individual private quarters including bathroom
  • IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice
  • Special program available for fentanyl addiction


After their ibogaine Mexico experiences our guest share their insights and valuable lessons.

Alyssa reports on the psycho-spiritual benefits of ibogaine treatment Mexico six months post-treatment

After returning to New York and having to deal with many life changes including the COVID pandemic, Alyssa reflects on her experiences at IbogaQuest and how her iboga retreat Mexico has enhanced her life spiritually and psychologically.

Martin discusses his detoxing from methadone with ibogaine and the importance of aftercare

As a long time opiate addict who switched to Methadone for 2 years, Martin discusses the benefit of ibogaine therapy combined with the essential inclusion of after care.


Google Reviews

Growing our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico with guests who truly believe and trust in our abilities, secures the quality of service we provide and the value of each treatment provided. We thank you for your trust and appreciate the opportunity to serve you! ❤

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chris root
chris root
21:05 02 Mar 23
IbogaquestA lifetime of autoimmune diseases and 2 years of what I intuitively knew to be long Covid had me in what I call “the meat grinder” of the New York City medical system. I felt completely unheard, misdiagnosed and dismissed by my Doctors .Finally a diagnosis; post viral syndrome, long covid and all the horrible things that comes with it. Then, by a chance phone call, I found myself in Mexico at Ibogaquest with a hope and a prayer that ibogaine would help in some way.My heart is filled with joy to say that I’m 100% healthy. One ibogaine experience and ALL of my long covid symptoms are completely gone. I’m full of energy, my heart is open, I’m curious about the rest of my life!Thank you to the Ibogaquest team.You saved my life!!Viva life!!
Kyle Neufeld
Kyle Neufeld
21:38 28 Jan 23
I arrived at Iboga Quest July 25 2022I was very nervous as I had never been to a "Treatment Center" for my 10 year or longer problem I needed to fix. Max picked me up from Mexico City and we arrived at Iboga Quest a couple hours later, I was the first person to arrive and I was immediately welcomed by members of the Iboga Quest Team. It was immediately clear that Iboga Quest was no conventional " Treatment Center ". Although I was very uncomfortable with my new surroundings ( due to the problems in my life leading up to this journey ) the team made me feal at home, welcome, and very safe. On the 26th of June was the day of the ceremony, I was a little nervous ( mostly because I'm a bit scared of the unknown ). The ceremony was very spiritual and taken very seriously by everyone involved, staff and guests. After ingesting the Ibogaine and waiting a couple of hours it began to ease my withdrawals and show me many things about myself, some things that I didn't want to see but were very important as I knew I was beginning a journey to a healthier life, and facing things that I've been avoiding was a vital step in creating a healthier life for myself and my family. I thought my first journey lasted between 16 and 20 hours, and after a nice hike up to a waterfall in the mountains of Tepostlan I began my second journey which lasted between 10 and 16 hours, with even more healing and introspection. After Ibogaine we walked through the streets of Tepostlan and I had a great time fealing free from an addiction that I had for over one third of my life. We also went to a sweat lodge ( it was very spiritual ) and I feel It helped cleanse my body even more as I could feal my thyroid purging something ( probably toxins ). Through the week that I was there, there was no obligation to do anything I didn't have the energy to do, and I was was given the space I needed to process my journey and begin my healing process which I am still experiencing today. This space was accompanied by around the clock help by people who I felt had my best interest in there hearts. There's a bedside bell that I could ring at any time for assistance, when I first got there I intended never to ring the bell, because asking for help was something I would never do ( in my life, I'd be the first person to help someone, and the last person to ever ask for help, addiction only amplified this problem ). After a few days it was late one night and I decided to ring the bell, this may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is certainly a milestone in my life. Being back home I am metaphorically ringing the bell when I need to, whether it be going to an addictions counselor to help me through my problems, or getting a dr checkup when I'm sick. Iboga Quest taught me to ask for help when help is needed, to give myself time to heal when healing is necessary. There was a vibe of unconditional love and support that I hadn't felt in a very long time, not because I don't have people who love and care about me, but because of the way I had been treating myself and others. After I got home from my journey, I started noticing the love that is around me, it was never gone but it was definitely unnoticed for many years. I am still working through my problems, not all days are easy, but every day that goes by seems like a new milestone for me. The first day I arrived before bed, Barry looked at me and said " just think, this is the last time you will ever take pills ". Its been 6 months and 3 days since he said that to me, and it's TRUE. I am no longer hand cuffed to a debilitating addiction, not every day is easy but every day I wake up without needing pills is a good day. I feal that anybody who gets to experience the Iboga Quest journey is very lucky ( myself included), I showed up fealing sick scared and alone with a lot of psychological, spiritual, emotional problems, and I left ( perhaps still with some problems ), but a new perspective on life and some new tools to work with, and eventually fix my problemsThank you Iboga Quest Team, keep it up !
Josh Newman
Josh Newman
22:48 08 Sep 22
IbogaQuest provides a safe place to create positive change in your life. Whether it be to face your trauma, fears, or addiction, it creates a once in a life opportunity for introspection and clarity. This was the most challenging week of my life, yet equally rewarding. Putting my trust in this ancient medicine and the skilled caretakers at IbogaQuest was one of the best decisions of my life. IbogaQuest has shown me the path to a life with less suffering, now it is up to me to make positive changes in my life to honor this incredible experience. I highly recommend IbogaQuest when you are ready for change and are willing to do the work required to achieve your goals.
Ryan Jacobs
Ryan Jacobs
21:15 02 Sep 22
Can't say enough positive things about IbogaQuest. I recently did an 8-day treatment at their facility and it far and away exceeded all of my expectations.The property is beautiful, as is the town it is situated within. The staff are all wonderful and compassionate people, and it's clear they take the Ibogaine experience and therapeutic benefits very seriously which I really, really appreciated!! They did everything in their power to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of during the experience. Aside from the experience itself, they offered hikes, massages, meditations and a great environment to relax and heal (and really delicious and nourishing food, to boot).Thank you so much IbogaQuest!!
23:54 01 May 22
This has been a life-changing experience.The location is a beautiful sanctuary, but the people are even better. Everyone here made me feel welcome and genuinely loved. They took great care in my medical safety which provided me the ability to relax and trust the process knowing I was so well cared for.Everyone here has personal experience with the medicine so they knew exactly what I was going through.The entire process, from being picked up at the airport to the meals we were served, exceeded my expectations.I cannot recommend Iboga Quest highly enough.
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