The Power To Transform

Heal. Grow. Make a change. Ibogaine treatment Mexico can be a powerful tool for transformation. Our team of compassionate facilitators are dedicated to safely guiding you on your journey!

IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice.

Ibogaine Center in Mexico

IbogaQuest Mission

Patterns of addiction and spiritual longing can be brought into awareness using bogaine. Our intention is to facilitate your journey towards a fresh outlook and to help you modify addictive behavior patterns. Our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico will help you engage with the strong spirit of the ibogaine and hold space for you to have a deep experience; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

Staff at Iboga Quest Mexico Treatment Center

Our Amazing Staff at IbogaQuest Mexico

Ibogaine for Addiction Interruption

There simply is no known medicine or therapy that can rival the effectiveness of ibogaine for addiction interruption.

Whether you struggle with opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, or other substance dependencies, nothing compares to ibogaine for sustained relief with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Read More »

Ibogaine for Depression & Mood Disorders

Our brains have the plasticity to change, and patterns of thought can be altered as we proceed throughout our lives.

Ibogaine gives the brain a “reset” that can kick start a dramatic change that can lead to lasting change. Read More »

Ibogaine for Spiritual Growth

The spiritual longing strikes us at certain times in our lives for many reasons. The impulse to want to know who and what we truly are and move beyond suffering lies within us all.

Our facilitators have traveled the path and are the perfect guides to point you in the right direction, harnessing ibogaine as a potent tool. Read More »

The Miracle of Iboga

Iboga is the whole and complete root bark from which Ibogaine is extracted. Ibogaine is a tool to help us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. Ibogaine is not a cookie cutter therapy. Each individual uniquely manifests their own body, spirit and energy, all of which needs to be honored. And therein lies the great gift of ibogaine. We need to see our habitual patterns, be they of the self-sabotaging substance addiction, behavioral or the mental variety. IbogaQuest strives to help at this fundamental level.

The IbogaQuest Difference

We take your safety and care very seriously. With 13 plus years of experience, our treatment center for iboga Mexico knows the subtle nuances that lead to breakthrough transformations. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

  • 13+ years of continuous service
  • In-depth screening for ultimate safety & effectiveness
  • We are a group of 5 dedicated experienced guides including 2 on-site certified therapists with plant medicine experience
  • Highly regarded mindfulness/meditation guidance
  • Pre-treatment personal counseling sessions via phone or video
  • Always the highest quality 99% pure Ibogaine
  • Sessions of 6 days for psycho-spiritual guests
  • Our experienced doctor, nurse and paramedic oversee all sessions
  • Deep, natural, and secure rural setting only 1.5 hours from the Mexico City airport
  • Guests arriving at the airport are met and transported directly to IbogaQuest
  • Individual private quarters including bathroom
  • IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice
  • Special program available for fentanyl addiction


After their ibogaine Mexico experiences our guest share their insights and valuable lessons.

Alyssa reports on the psycho-spiritual benefits of ibogaine treatment Mexico six months post-treatment

After returning to New York and having to deal with many life changes including the COVID pandemic, Alyssa reflects on her experiences at IbogaQuest and how her iboga retreat Mexico has enhanced her life spiritually and psychologically.

Martin discusses his detoxing from methadone with ibogaine and the importance of aftercare

As a long time opiate addict who switched to Methadone for 2 years, Martin discusses the benefit of ibogaine therapy combined with the essential inclusion of after care.

Google Reviews

Growing our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico with guests who truly believe and trust in our abilities, secures the quality of service we provide and the value of each treatment provided. We thank you for your trust and appreciate the opportunity to serve you! ❤

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Based on 13 reviews

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Ed Clay
Ed C.
02:19 12 Oct 20
So much love for Iboga Quest. Went there 10 years ago. Definitely a life changing experience I’m grateful for. Loving staff and team. Wish I could give more than 5 stars🙏🏻
13:07 03 Jul 20
This is a great facility located in a really awesome place. I was at first a little apprehensive of Mexico due to all the bad press, however this is just a beautiful, quiet, friendly, peaceful town. I personally went mostly for depression issues. I'm a software developer and small business owner, and had been dealing with years of stress, trauma and the resulting depression. I turned to liquor and benzos to turn the volume down. I had been using benzos and liquor heavily for a few years, which obviously caused more nervous system depression.The ibogaine was a really eye opening experience. It blew my depression away along with any desire for substances. I had been working with doctors, meditating, doing mindfulness, trauma healing, just you name it, I tried it. The ibogaine actually works with just about anything and everything you're already doing.If you're meditating, or working on your mind in anyway, the ibogaine will make the effectiveness of whatever you're doing go up like 100x. I'm not exaggerating. With that said, you can still fall back into old bad habits if you let yourself. It will let you see what life can be like, and how great life can be, off the substances, away from bad influences, and disconnected from your usual emotional triggers.However, be assured, if you put yourself back around thing things that were damaging you before, you will return right back to your previously damaged state. With that said, there is nothing in the world like this. If you're suicidal, feel like there is not hope, like you're just too worn down ... this will reboot you and show you the hope you've more
Kamy Lázaro San Andrés
Kamy Lázaro San A.
19:43 24 Jun 20
Sathya Perez
Sathya P.
02:12 16 Dec 19
Susana Weingarten
Susana W.
20:25 13 Dec 19
AMAZING! A True Miracle! Great LOVING Staff, each and everyone cares with compassion, humility, knowledge, great skills, but mainly with the most incredible quality that is VERY hard to find these days ( unfortunately) Great Human Relationship, (The Real Thing!) A truly Loving treatment center that cares about one's physical health as well as emotional , mental and spiritual growth.I recommend this place for whomever wants to enter into a different and most profound dimension of her/his life. To re-encounter oneself is not an easy task, however in IBOGAQUEST , a Leap of faith; QUATUM LEAP is Available.A HUGE GIFT that came to me. THANK YOU Ibogaquest family. I Love you all!!!!!read more
05:53 23 Aug 19
My experience with the IQ team was inspiring, profound, heart-warming, humourous and, above all, healing.Connecting with the iboga plant is not easy, it requires commitment and willingness to undertake deep introspection and exploration by the individual - the deepest growth arising from the moments charged with the strongest pain. The experience requires care and attention on several levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - both by the people guiding the experience as well as the individual engaging in it. Who one chooses, therefore, to support their iboga experience is important, to say the least. All involved need to be mindful, considerate and compassionate, in my view. The IQ team most definitely provide this incubator of safety. Each of them carry their own unique, and complimentary, skills and strengths that allowed me to achieve the psycho-spiritual growth I was seeking.Kristie shines gentle, joyful and healing light rays of laughter, wisdom and understanding. She brings an intimacy and warmth to circumstances that need light in the gentlest of ways. She also gives a rejuvenating massage. She is funny, kind and present.Kamy is wise and multi-talented. A gifted yoga teacher, psychotherapist and creative. She listens attentively and supportively, giving guidance along the way that is informed and healing. She also sings and plays the drum beautifully with each vibration carrying an energy that I found therapeutic.Felipe is a soft-hearted action hero! He is a strong and motivated adventurer, on the one hand, and a knowledgeable and caring soul on the other. You are refreshing - the commitment you have to heal yourself and support other people's healing inspired me.And, last but by no means least, Barry. Barry is observant, cautious and above all he is committed to ensuring your safety; taking this responsibility with great care and attention. I am deeply grateful that you are trustworthy and sincere in the work you do. He will consider your wellbeing and safety each step of the way.All of the IQ team share a sincerity, compassion, attention and empathy one can feel has been nurtured in each of them through their own journey. This compassion and empathy make them the best people to be around when connecting with iboga. They are special and very beautiful people each in their own unique ways.I highly recommend more
Bruce X
Bruce X
18:36 15 Mar 19
Hello, dear review readers!! Greetings from a person with a new joy of life and love for others. I see all the reviews and I can only echo that this was the most profound experience of my life. I’m 68 years old and I was at the end of my rope. My life had been tragically unsuccessful, I was depressed and ready to end it. So I had nothing to loose. I had been a hippie in the ‘60s took lots of acid, thought I really had it together, but as my life progressed, I had disasters with my family, health, finances, and as hard as I worked I couldn’t understand why things went so far down. My son told me about iboga and I grasped at it like a drowning man. So when the taxi dropped me off at the clinic, I opened the car door and was overcome with the intensity of the loving vibe I felt as I put my feet out on the ground. Then I was greeted by Kristie and Cammie. Magical beings. I was just not ready for such an overflowing feeling of love and care. Then as I met the rest of the staff, Barry, Phillipe, I found more new friends....... The iboga was really hard on me. I thought I was dying. During those terrible hours, my new friends were there constantly comforting and tending to me. Then the dream started. The iboga spirit showed me such love and compassion as she forced me to look at my self. She wore me out until I could not resist. I had to face everything and let the negative life I had built play all the way out. We had to flush out the sewage in my mind. Then we were free. Then we started to have fun. All the horrible sickness was forgotten and left behind. She took me to the center of pure being. God showed me how everything thing worked. He showed me the pure joy of creation, death and rebirth. He showed me that none of the good or horrible events in samsara matter at all. He told me nothing is ever lost. We had pure love for each other. He showed me that you reap what you sow and how to steer through samsara. He told me he would always give me what I needed. He showed me how to ask and receive. I can’t tell you how much fun we had!!! Then back out to the world of appearances. Now I am joyful in the previous moment and guess what? I’m not depressed anymore. My friends were there and now I knew why they were so full of love and compassion for me. They made me feel so special. Thanks Barry, Philippe, Kristie, Cammie. I’ll love you for ever!! Afterwards there was expert counseling by them and Rodrigo, a constellation therapist who helped me put it all in perspective to change my story of failure to a story of power and strength. All I can say is WOW WOW and Wow. Love you all. ❤️ Whoop-eee. I’m alive more
Roger Moore
Roger M.
18:22 11 Mar 19
I stayed at Iboga Quest in Tepoztlan for 8 days and it seriously changed my life. I can't put into words the love and gratitude I feel for these people. I'm just about two months post treatment and, having reflected on what I'm about to say a great deal, I feel confident stating that traveling to Mexico City and working with ibogaine has been the most important thing I've ever done. I looked into a great number of establishments before landing on Iboga Quest. I wanted to avoid the clinical type feel I've seen elsewhere. Couldn't be happier with my decision. The best I've ever eaten, the best I've ever slept and an unbelievable experience/trip lasting the bulk of the stay. I literally can not wait to go back. Thank you for everything Barry, Felipe, Kristie and all!read more
Invincible Son
Invincible S.
04:19 02 Feb 19
Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for the team of dedicated souls who have helped transform my reality, giving me a new lease on life. This was exactly the medicine I had been seeking after years trying to acquire mental peace and clarity through other healing modalities, only to be left with more inquest and confusion. Iboga was a godsend, acting like a defrag for my brain, comparable to installing a fresh version of Windows on my PC. I feel like the clouds have lifted, and I now have more room in my head. Metal chatter has reduced tremendously, and I feel more grounded and focused. IbogaQuest is the real deal, and if you feel called to this medicine, you can count on Barry and his expert team to fully support you in the process, every step of the way. Much love and many thanks!read more
Roger Harrington
Roger H.
22:11 27 Jan 19
I did a lot of investigating on the Ibogaine Quest and I came across these guys online and the reviews that they have don’t even explain or even go over the group of people they have at Ibogaine Quest. Kristina is amazing 8 massages in 3 days amazing. Berry’s crew is amazing and are there for your ever need. I made a lot of great friends while I was there. Felipe,Juan,Kristina,Berry, Sandro thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart I have a new life ahead of me and if it wasn’t for everyone of you I wouldn’t of been able to do more
Avocet Admin
Avocet A.
01:07 26 Nov 18
I have been to other retreats before and I can say that none were like going to Iboga Quest. The staff genuinely care about your well-being and your growth and you feel a real sense of belonging. It's nice to feel safe in vulnerable times of your life and I definitely felt that way. Barry, Christy, Felipe and Roger are the kindest humans I have ever meant and could go on for hours just about them.As far as my Iboga experience I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything as profound as this medicine and even though it's also really hard, I know that my life is now on a path of growth and change for the better because of this medicine. I left Iboga Quest with a deeper understanding of who I am and what I need to do to live a fulfilling and rich life and I can not be more greatful to Barry, the staff and the medicine for this more
Carlos m
Carlos m
21:58 24 Aug 18
Kowledgeable and caring staff, and through every step of the process they will make sure you are well accommodated. Truly a loving community with a beautiful landscape near the top of a mountain. The food was wonderful as well!El personal es amable y afectuoso, y en cada paso del proceso se asegurarán de que usted esté bien acomodado. Verdaderamente una comunidad amorosa con un hermoso paisaje cerca de la cima de una montaña. ¡La comida también fue maravillosa!

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