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At Iboga Quest we provide a protected space for our guests to work with the healing properties of Ibogaine while processing inner material in a contemplative retreat setting.

Is Ibogaine for me?

Ibogaine is a tool that helps us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. We are here to clarify the psychotherapeutic uses of Ibogaine to help you determine if it is the right choice for you. Use the buttons below to to apply for our services, or to contact us for more information:

Iboga Quest Mission

​Based on our own experience and that of other Ibogaine treatment centers, patterns of addiction and spiritual longing can be brought into awareness using Ibogaine. Our intention is to facilitate your journey towards a fresh outlook and to help you modify addictive behavior patterns. We will help you engage with the strong spirit of the Ibogaine and hold space for you to have a deep experience; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

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Benefits of Ibogaine


Ibogaine for Addiction Interruption

The neuro-chemistry of addiction is complicated and not uniformly understood within the treatment community. The most up-to-date research suggests that our tendencies to addiction often have roots in our early interactions with our environment that, in turn, foster actual brain development.

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Forms of depression, anxiety and trauma influence the lives of us all at some time. It is the human condition. But for multitudes conditions of depression in various forms can take hold...

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We are defining "spiritual" as that which encourages us to be fully present amidst the tides of change, the challenges of our history and endless turmoil that marks the human condition.

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Post Ibogaine Interview at Iboga Quest: Rich

After a recent Ibogaine ceremony, Rich talked about about his struggle with cocaine, and how Ibogaine experience led to personal transformation

Ibogaine relieves Opiate addiction stemming from PTSD

A policeman resorts to opiates to relieve repressed memory of childhood abuse and traumatic PTSD instances encountered in the line of duty. Ibogaine begins his deep healing process.

Katherine's Iboga Quest Experience

Katherine finds Iboga to be a valuable tool to open her personal cages leading to freedom, compassion & forgiveness. It removes the veils masking a clear view of the world.

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The Miracle of Ibogaine

The Miracle of Ibogaine

Ibogaine is an alkaloid extracted principally from the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe Iboga, which grows in the West Central African rain forest. It has been used by tribal people and shaman for thousands of years. More recently it has been brought to the modern world and used very successfully as a treatment for drug addiction and psychological-spiritual development.

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Iboga Quest Mexico

We are here to help you engage with the strong spirit of the Ibogaine and facilitate an experience of depth; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

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